Family Dentistry

What is normal for a teething baby

What Does a Normal Teething Schedule Look Like for My Baby?

Do you know why your child’s first dental visit should be while your baby is teething? Many first-time parents are shocked to learn that their baby should be visiting the ...
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Taking care of your oral health

3 Ways Prevention Matters When It Comes to Your Oral Health

When was the last time you visited the doctor for a preventive oral health care visit? Chances are that you had at least one visit in the previous year. According ...
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Routine dental care can save you a lot

5 Reasons Routine Dental Care Saves You Time, Money, and Pain

It can be so easy to deprioritize a trip to the dentist. Parents want quality care and need convenience and ease of access, and today's parents have so much to ...
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Best family dentist in Buffalo MN

How to Find the Best General Dentist in Buffalo, MN

A Guide to Choosing the Best Family Dentist for You At Dental Care Associates of Buffalo, we know that choosing the best family dentist to care for everyone in your ...
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When You Can’t Wait to Get Dental Care

You may find it difficult to get through the day if you have a toothache or other sort of oral pain. Getting a good night’s sleep can be much more ...
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Dental Filling Types

Modern dental procedures that have made it simpler for people to take better care of their teeth have reduced the number of cavities that need fillings. Although there are more ...
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Why Is It Important to Get Regular Dental Checkups?

Many people put off visiting the dentist for a dental checkup, but by skipping the expert cleaning and examination of their teeth, they are only harming themselves. The only method ...
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What You Should Know About Root Canals

Concerned that you may have a root canal infection? Have you been told that a root canal is necessary by your dentist or endodontist? There are a number of myths ...
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The Surprising Cause of Your Bad Breath

Your tongue has something to do with it. Several experts have weighed in on the top five causes of halitosis-and how to combat them. Everyone has stinky breath at some ...
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Dental fillings: 5 important things to know

Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. It is typically the treatment of choice when cavities arise. It may seem intimidating to get a filling, but knowing as ...
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