Restorative Dentistry

Is a dental bridge my best option

You May Be a Candidate for a Dental Bridge: Here are the Benefits

Replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge. Every tooth in your mouth is designed to help carry out a specific job, like biting, tearing, and grinding food. Their abilities ...
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Implants vs. dentures

10 Differences Between Dentures and Dental Implants

Implants vs. Dentures: Understanding the Facts You rely on your teeth every day for countless tasks, from speaking and eating to expressing yourself to the people around you. They even ...
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Tooth replacement options

Partial, Removable, or Fixed Dentures? You Decide.

Choosing the Best Tooth Replacement Option for You When it’s time to make an important choice, we love having options. Even if we have to research each of our options ...
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Watch out for periodontitis

Don’t Let Periodontitis Destroy Your Smile

What exactly is periodontitis? Periodontal disease is a serious stage of gum disease that impacts not only the gums, but also the supporting bone structure that holds your teeth into ...
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Is gingivitis curable

Gingivitis: Prevalent, Sinister, but Reversible

Gum disease is common but avoidable. Gum disease is very widespread in the United States. In fact, over half of the population is suffering from some form of gum disease. ...
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Which Is Better: A Dental Crown or a Dental Bridge?

Dental crowns and bridges are the finest options if you are missing one or more teeth. Prosthetic devices are used in both dental bridges and dental crowns to restore your ...
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What to Expect When You Get New Dentures

In order to replace missing or decayed teeth, dentures are a removable, convenient (one of the quickest options for full tooth replacement), beautiful, and natural-looking option. Particular dentures are removable. Dentures intended ...
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The 5 most common tooth repair treatments

Consider yourself eating your favorite candy. In your mouth, you feel something hard and strange that is neither melting nor dissolving. Once you realize it’s a broken tooth piece, you ...
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The Dental Implant Industry Has Changed Over the Past Twenty Years

Dentures can be replaced with dental implants, and although some people may not be the best candidates, technology has changed. Until just a few decades ago, patients who suffered from ...
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