5 Reasons Routine Dental Care Saves You Time, Money, and Pain

Routine dental care can save you a lot

It can be so easy to deprioritize a trip to the dentist. Parents want quality care and need convenience and ease of access, and today’s parents have so much to juggle. From play dates to birthday parties to school to doctor and dental visits, it is no wonder that scheduling that dentist appointment doesn’t make the top of the list. But routine dental care needs to be a priority for your kids, despite how busy you may get.

Why your child deserves routine dental care. 

We know how busy life can get. Many of us at Dental Care Associates of Buffalo are parents too, and are also juggling all the commitments that come with a busy lifestyle. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to do everything that our kids want us to do, let alone what they need us to do. And, though we may be dental industry experts, we’re here to tell parents that quality routine dental care is not only possible and necessary, but it can be convenient too.

1. Keeping your kid’s mouth healthy can help keep their whole body healthy.

If you think about it, what your kid puts in their mouth will fuel their entire body. And when they eat unhealthy foods, such as those laden with sugar, it can have a negative impact on more than their teeth. So, it stands to reason that your child’s oral health is directly linked with their overall health. When your child receives twice-a-year dental cleanings, it helps keep their mouth healthy and can ward off other illnesses. Quite simply, their general health is greatly impacted by professional dental cleanings, which will keep their smile healthy and bright. 

2. Routine dental care prevents tooth decay.

When tooth decay is caught early, it can mean several health benefits for your child. When tooth decay goes undetected and untreated, it is prone to worsen and cause bigger problems. Advanced tooth decay can eventually reach the innermost structures of the tooth. Since the root canal deep within the tooth contains highly sensitive nerve endings, a deep cavity is likely to cause pain. Further, when cavity-causing bacteria infects these nerve endings, it can mean unrelenting discomfort that can impede proper speaking and chewing.

With regular checkups and routine dental care, advanced dental technology can be used to identify cavities in their earliest stages so your child can get early treatment before it becomes a bigger issue.

3. Without routine dental care, gum disease may go undetected.

Just as routine dental care can help identify tooth decay early on, it can also help prevent gum disease and the resulting tooth loss. When left untreated, gum disease can lead to chewing problems, bleeding gums, and even tooth loss. Once gum disease worsens, it can lead to periodontitis, and routine tooth cleanings become less effective.

Scaling and root planing procedures may be necessary to eliminate tartar and plaque from underneath the gumline and the surface of your child’s tooth roots. Though this dental treatment is quite routine, it is something best avoided for young children. Thus, catching gum disease in your child early on can help you save their smile and help them to avoid a more invasive dental procedure.

4. Catch oral cancer early on.

Though oral cancer in kids is relatively uncommon, it does happen. Parents should be on the lookout for mouth or lip sores that do not heal in a reasonable amount of time, unexplained bleeding, pain or numbness, lumps, thickening or swelling in the child’s mouth, jaw or neck, or red or white patches in the mouth or on the lip. Though these signs and symptoms of oral cancer may indicate something else, it is important to be vigilant. When your child receives routine dental care, their dentist near Buffalo, MN, will conduct an oral cancer screening too.

5. An early orthodontic evaluation will save parents time and money. 

Dentists recommend that children receive an early orthodontic evaluation around age seven. During this evaluation, your child’s dentist or orthodontist will give your child’s teeth a thorough examination, looking at their mouth, jaw, and bite alignment. Digital photographs and digital X-rays will be taken to begin their orthodontic record. Children who do not receive routine dental care or wait to get dental care, don’t often receive an early orthodontic evaluation, which can mean costly orthodontic treatments down the road, and a lengthier treatment process too.

Don’t make your child wait for a toothache—make their routine dental care a priority.

If your child hasn’t been to the dentist yet or is overdue for a dental cleaning and oral examination, now is the time to contact us to request an appointment. If you are wondering how to choose the best dentist for your family in Buffalo, MN, then come see why we are different. We have served Buffalo and the surrounding communities for more than 50 years and we’re proud of it. We look forward to serving you and your child, ensuring they receive the best in routine dental care!

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