Our Patients Love Opalescence Go! This Is Why.

What is Opalescence Go

Whiten your teeth, improve your confidence, and love your smile!

At Dental Care Associates of Buffalo, we find that one of the simplest ways to instill a newfound sense of confidence in our patients is by providing them with a healthy glowing smile through teeth whitening treatment. Because of this, we offer a particular whitening treatment: Opalescence Go

Opalescence Go is a highly effective way to remove stains and fight discoloration in order to give you a head-turning smile that you can be proud of. 

If our patients give any indication, Opalescence Go is most likely going to be the result you find at the top of any list when you Google “what is the best tooth whitening system”—because our patients absolutely love it. 

If you are considering whitening your own smile, there are several reasons Opalescence Go makes teeth shine brighter than any other teeth whitening product.

What is Opalescence Go?

Teeth whitening treatments are not always known by name, which is why many of our patients ask, “What is Opalescence Go?” when we tell them that is the treatment we offer at our dental office in Buffalo, MN. 

Opalescence Go is more effective than typical teeth whitening procedures and can offer dramatically better results

Traditional teeth whitening treatments use a peroxide gel applied to the teeth to remove staining and brighten their appearance. The peroxide gel used in Opalescence Go is stickier and more viscous than others, which helps it to remain in place longer and whiten your teeth with greater efficacy.   

While we do offer in-office Opalescence treatment, Opalescence Go is the take-home version. We will provide you with the whitening kit and instructions on how to use it, and then you can do the whitening in your own home, on your own time. 

This can be highly convenient when you’ve got a busy schedule, and the fact that your whitening trays come pre-filled makes it even easier.

How to Use Opalescence Go

Using Opalescence Go is simple, but we also provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly use your kit when you visit us to receive it. However, if you are curious as to how exactly it is done, a step-by-step guide can offer a clear picture.

First, you will remove your trays from the packaging, making sure to note which one is labeled “U” for upper teeth and “L” for lower teeth. 

Next, you will place the “U” tray on your upper teeth, bite down, and then suck on the tray until it is firmly fixed onto your teeth. Once that is done, remove the outer tray and repeat the same process with the “L” tray. 

After the trays are in, you will need to let them sit for the prescribed amount of time and allow the peroxide gel to do its job. When enough time has elapsed, you will remove the trays and brush your teeth.

What is the best tooth whitening system?

The barometer for what makes the best tooth whitening treatment is fairly simple: the whiter the teeth, the better the treatment. But there are additional factors involved in gauging the quality of any whitening system that you will want to keep in mind. 

Those factors generally include: 

  • Ease of use
  • Range of strengths
  • Potential side effects
  • Affordability 

Opalescence Go checks all of these boxes. The pre-filled trays not only make the system super easy to use, but they also reduce the margin for error. Opalescence Go offers a wide range of strengths, which means it can tackle everything from light to significant staining. 

While side effects of whitening are minimal, tooth sensitivity can be one. However, the potassium nitrate used in Opalescence Go whitening gel helps to reduce that sensitivity, making this whitening system the most comfortable of them all. 

Some whitening systems can be exceedingly expensive without offering much in the way of increased efficacy. Opalescence Go remains one of the more cost-effective of all options, especially when you are considering the bright and beautiful smiles it provides.

A brighter smile can boost your self-image.

Your teeth’s main purpose may be to help you chew your food and enunciate properly, but that is not all they do. 

A bright and healthy smile can endear you to others and send a message of self-confidence out into the world. That is why teeth whitening can help you feel better about yourself and improve your quality of life. It is a simple treatment that can make a tremendous difference.

Looking for a Buffalo, MN, dentist?

If you think Opalescence Go can help to grow your self-confidence, then Dental Care Associates of Buffalo is the local dentist you need to brighten your smile. Contact us today to learn more about this effective whitening treatment.

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