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Malocclusion can cause long-term oral health issues.


Malocclusion is a dental term used to describe misaligned teeth. Misalignment can include crowding or spacing issues, a crossbite, an overbite, or an underbite. Poor alignment causes problems with a person’s bite, or how the upper and lower teeth fit together. Malocclusion is the No. 1 reason patients need orthodontic treatment.


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How do you know if you need orthodontic treatment?


Chances are, you will know if there are problems with your bite. Or in the case of your children, you will notice bite issues when observing them eat, smile, or speak. Overcrowding and other spacing issues are also fairly easy to spot even to the untrained eye. If you suspect a problem, get in to see your dentist as soon as possible to keep minor dental problems from becoming complex issues that require much more involved (and costly) treatments.

While minor misalignment may be nothing to worry about, major alignment problems should not go unchecked. Failure to treat malocclusion can cause a raft of health issues, including:

  • Discomfort when chewing and biting
  • Speech problems
  • Changes in facial appearance
  • Increased risk of decay
  • Gum disease and periodontal issues
  • Chips and cracks

How do you know if you or your child needs orthodontic treatment?


Interceptive care in orthodontics is about early intervention, meaning recognizing and correcting problems in children from an early age when their teeth are still growing. Typically the process begins around age 7. It aims to correct developmental occlusion issues and align the teeth correctly to avoid orthodontic and facial-structure problems in the future.

The interceptive care process helps to correct problems that have developed in children as a result of habits such as thumb-sucking. The child’s mouth is closely evaluated, and treatment may include palate expansion to ensure there is enough room for the adult teeth or a space maintainer to keep a space open for permanent teeth when a child has lost a baby tooth prematurely.

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Losing a baby tooth can be a big deal.


Sometimes little ones lose their teeth prematurely. Baby teeth are temporary, but they actually play a very important role. They’re not just to help your child chew properly; they also help to guide permanent teeth into the correct positions in the mouth. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, either through decay or an accident (for example, if your child falls and knocks out a tooth), this can disrupt the process. The teeth alongside the gap can sometimes move. If they shift out of their correct positions, the new tooth might not have anywhere else to go, resulting in crooked teeth, overcrowding, and other bite problems.

Space maintainers are an orthodontic solution used to hold these spaces to ensure all teeth remain where they should and leave proper room for the adult teeth to come through. Your dentist will advise how long the space maintainers should be used and will remove them before the permanent teeth are due to erupt.

Fix crooked teeth without metal braces.


In times gone by, the only way to fix crooked teeth was traditional metal braces. Nowadays, you can improve your smile and fix crooked teeth with clear aligners.

At Dental Care Associates of Buffalo, we use ClearCorrect clear aligners. They are a discreet and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces suitable for adults and children. ClearCorrect is an affordable orthodontic treatment that can dramatically transform and improve a person’s smile. The custom aligners’ thin design makes them comfortable to wear. Gone are the days when patients needed to have impressions using messy molds in the dental chair—now we can simply take a digital scan of your mouth and instantly create a model on the computer.

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Early orthodontic treatment can prevent major dental problems in your child’s future!

Your family’s health is your first priority. We know because our dentists have families of their own they feel the same way about. Early intervention can make a huge difference when it comes to the course of orthodontic treatment. Book an evaluation for your child to see if early orthodontic intervention is right for them.

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