Shame-Free Dental Exams and Cleanings

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums.

While daily preventive care, including proper brushing and flossing, is the best thing to prevent oral health problems, regular dental exams and cleaning every six months will do wonders for keeping your teeth healthy!

At Dental Care Associates of Buffalo, we offer thorough dental cleanings that last from 25-60 minutes. Our personal and experienced dental hygienists will help you understand any concerns about your teeth without making you feel guilty for not doing a good enough job on your own! Everyone has areas they just can’t get to.

When you’re done with your exam and cleaning, your teeth will feel clean and bright, and you’ll be motivated to continue to strive toward the best daily preventative care!

Our dental exams always include the following preventative care steps:

Removal of Plaque and Tartar

As part of our dental exam and cleaning, we combine traditional manual scaling methods with sophisticated ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces above the gum line. This allows us to clean your teeth thoroughly and efficiently.


We use sealants to fill narrow grooves in a tooth that cannot be adequately cleaned by brushing. In some cases, the tooth structure has fine grooves or pits that accumulate plaque – not because you brush, but because these grooves are too narrow to allow even one bristle into them! To prevent cavities in those spaces, we’ll brush on a coating that seals the grooves and pits, making it possible to brush off all the plaque and keep your teeth healthy!

Tooth Polishing

The last step of your dental cleaning involves finishing the surface of your teeth to make them shiny and clean. We offer two kinds of polishing:

  • Air polishing works by spraying high-pressured water mixed with baking soda paste onto the surface of your teeth. This powered water washes away residue and plaque while baking soda removes stains.

  • Rubber cup polishing uses a low-speed and gentle hand piece that contains a polishing paste made of abrasive ingredients ideal for removing stains. Not a mint fan? We have a number of fun flavors.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings are designed to try to catch the early signs of oral cancer before they progress to a more advanced stage.

Oral cancer screenings are important because oral cancer can be successfully treated if caught early enough. Approximately 84% of oral cancer cases can be detected early by a dental health professional. We have many methods of detecting early signs of oral cancer with the newest, state of the art technology.

When your dentist and hygienists do an oral cancer screening, they use many tools to look for any discoloration or mouth sores in your mouth. They then feel the tissues around your mouth for lumps or abnormalities. If they detect any form of abnormality in your mouth, they may consider biopsying the area or referral to an Oral Surgeon if deemed necessary.

How do I know if I’m at risk for oral cancer?

Here are some key risk factors for oral cancer to help you determine if you are at risk:

  • Age (People over 40 are more at risk)

  • Smoking or tobacco use

  • Heavy alcohol use

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)

  • Gender (Men are more susceptible than women)

  • An unhealthy diet

  • Prologued sun exposure

Although it is proven that people who have been diagnosed with oral cancer usually have at least one of these risk factors, there is a growing rate of people that are diagnosed with oral cancer who have no risk factors at all. Therefore, if you don’t have any of the factors above, oral cancer screenings are still important in maintaining your overall health.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

When a dentist does an oral cancer screening, they look out for the following symptoms:

  • Red or white patches in your mouth

  • Spots that continuously bleed or don’t heal

  • A lump or a hard spot in your mouth

  • Numbness or pain when you bite down on your teeth

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