Your Child Is Missing a Permanent Tooth: What Are the Solutions?

Is your child missing a permanent tooth

Dental Restorative Options for Children Missing a Permanent Tooth

A missing tooth is a serious issue at any age, and that’s just as true if you have a child missing permanent tooth milestones. However, the same treatment options don’t necessarily apply to all ages. Finding the best tooth replacement option for kids requires a careful look at their current needs and ongoing development.

Reasons Behind Children Missing a Permanent Tooth

Missing permanent teeth is less common in children than in adults and seniors, but it still happens. Your child could have congenitally missing teeth, which simply means they do not have an adult tooth underneath the baby tooth when they lose them.

Children can also experience tooth loss due to dental trauma. Serious injury due to accidents, sports, or other causes can result in your child having a tooth knocked out. The teeth might also require extraction due to decay or damage.

In any case, an effective solution is needed to restore your child’s smile and ensure their long-term oral health.

Dental Implants Aren’t Suitable for Children

Dental implants are among the most effective tooth replacement options for adults. They rely on titanium implants embedded in the jawbone to support crowns, bridges, or full arch replacements. Dental implants are strong, reliable, and long-lasting, but they aren’t suitable for children.

The answer to, “Can children get dental implants?” is a definite “no.” Your child’s jawbone is still developing, even if all of their permanent teeth have come in. This means that any dental implant can shift over time, likely leading to failure or serious issues.

Jaw development can stop at different ages in each individual. However, that range runs from around 18 to the early 20s. Patients in that range are assessed on an individual basis, but dental implants simply aren’t an option below that age.

Dental Bridges for Children

Dental bridges are a more likely solution for your child missing permanent tooth milestones. A dental bridge spans the gap over a missing tooth, using the natural teeth on either side as a foundation. This restores your child’s smile and prevents teeth from moving into the gap left by the missing tooth.

A potential reason to avoid a dental bridge is it removes material from healthy teeth to create a suitable foundation. In some cases, it may be appropriate to implement temporary measures instead, so your child can take advantage of a dental implant once their jaw has fully developed.

Orthodontic Intervention

When a child experiences permanent tooth loss, the most important thing to ensure is the surrounding teeth don’t reposition themselves and move into the gap. This can cause a wide range of bite issues that will require additional treatment, such as braces, later on.

However, orthodontic intervention can prevent this from happening. Orthodontic spacers can hold the gap open, allowing for other treatment options once the area has developed. This doesn’t restore the look of your child’s smile, but it helps ensure long-term oral health.

Partial Dentures

While most people associate dentures with full dentures that replace an entire arch of teeth, there are also options to replace individual or multiple missing teeth. A partial denture can fulfill the need for both a full smile and long-term development without impacting the natural teeth.

A frame around the replacement tooth will sit around the two surrounding teeth, keeping it stable. The frame is ‌a type of acrylic created to look like natural gums, providing an inconspicuous appearance. The partial denture is removable at any time, allowing for easy care and maintenance.

The Importance of a Full Smile for Your Child

If your child has a missing permanent tooth, it’s vital that you find an effective solution. Your child’s oral health and development depend on it. They could develop serious dental and orthodontic issues that require more extensive treatment later in life.

A replacement tooth can greatly benefit your child’s oral health, but it also has a major impact on their happiness as well. Your child will feel more confident with a replacement tooth that makes their smile complete again. 

You don’t want your child to hesitate when sharing their smile with the world, so finding the right replacement option is the best thing to do.

Find the Right Choice for Your Child

If you have a child with a missing permanent tooth, you can find the right treatment for their needs at Dental Care Associates of Buffalo. We are your source for family dentist prosthodontics in Buffalo, MN, with the latest technology and a wide range of treatment options to suit your child’s unique needs. Our team will find a solution that works for your child both now and in their ongoing development. Reach out today to schedule an appointment to hear more about prosthodontic options for your child.

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